Kryptonite New York 'Fahgettaboudit' chain review£149.99

Super-tough lock

BikeRadar score4/5

New York lock specialists Kryptonite have a reputation as one of the best bike security brands out there, and the Fahgettaboudit kit is the top line of their impressive range. This chain has a range of impressive features that make it the ultimate home choice.

The links are made from a boron manganese hardened steel, shaped into six-sided links. This shape makes it awkward to get bolt croppers to grip, and that’s even before the super-tough material's inherent resistance to cropping comes into play.

Under attack from saws and chisels the chain is incredibly resilient, and double-skinned steel armour protects the lock mechanism from being damaged or dislodged under hammer attack. After five minutes of abuse all that was dented was our pride.

In our second test using power tools the links took nearly three minutes to cut, and that was at the expense of a whole metal cutting disc.

Almost any lock can be beaten by our second, more extreme test, and anything that can take more than a minute or so of this line of attack is impressive, so the NY Chain taking nearly three is very impressive.

At £120, yes, it is expensive, but if you’re riding over two grand's worth of high performance bike it’s a reasonable percentage of the bike's value. Backed up with a bike replacement guarantee of £1,300, the high cost starts to make sense.

At 5.5kg (12lb) you’d never use this as a portable lock but as a line of defence at home, or for carrying in the car, it’s difficult to beat. It's one of just a handful of locks to have achieved testing organisation Sold Secure's coveted gold status.

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