OnGuard 5047 Beast lock review£62.99

Tough chain and padlock combo

BikeRadar score4/5

OnGuard’s Beast chain features a big, burly padlock that’s fully armoured against attack. It has a clever six-sided, hexagonal section chainlink design that makes it difficult to hold in the jaws of a bolt cropper, and comes with a £1,400 anti-theft guarantee.

For the price, it would seem that this lock is something of a bargain. At 1m long and over 4kg in weight it’s hardly portable, but for home use that’s still very much a manageable length. What’s more, under our hand tool attack it stood up to as much violence as we could throw at it in the five-minute test time.

Bits of superficial casing came off the padlock but aside from that it worked perfectly. Under the more extreme second test with a high power output portable angle grinder we managed to separate a link in 1min 20sec.

It’s made of fairly tough stuff – not quite as tough as the Protector chains from Pragmasis but still pretty damage resistant. The cheap price is hard to ignore, and as a lock to use at home or at work we’d have no reason not to highly recommend the Beast.

It comes with five keys (one with a built-in light) and is rated to Sold Secure gold level and ART 4. It’s also Thatcham approved for use with motorcycles. And remember that generous guarantee offer.

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