Boardman Carbon Winged Cage review£29.99

Not just another pretty carbon cage.

BikeRadar score3.5/5

It would be easy to dismiss the Boardman Winged Cage as just another pretty looking carbon cage. Of course, there's the gorgeous carbon weave and classy logo sealed beneath a thick, glossy coat of lacquer, but closer inspection reveals some very practical detailing. 

Two pronounced guide tabs hold bottles more securely than similar designs I've used. It passes my 'will it hold a bottle while I rattle down a bridleway' test with flying colours. Bottle release is best described as positive - it isn't the quickest draw and could prove frustrating in a race.

Problems also arose with the pear-shaped mounting holes. While these look unusual and contribute to the overall weight saving, they had a tendency to vibrate loose along uneven lanes, but in fairness this was easily addressed by placing small nylon washers under the Allen heads.

Minor niggles aside, I like this cage and the more positive entry/release, though not everyone will, and there's increasing competition at this price point.

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