Electra Delivery 3i review£719.99

More cool cruiser than cargo bike

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Electra know cruisers, and there's something for everyone in their range. The Delivery 3i is best suited to someone who wants a certain look but won't rely on it for daily transportation.

It's more cool cruiser than cargo bike, and even though the matching racks, chainguard and mudguards tie it together, this bike is for shorter, flat rides.

Ride & handling: Cruising comfort dissipates on longer rides

Like most smart cruisers, the Delivery 3i's long wheelbase provided maximum comfort, and coupled with the vintage Schwalbe Diamant 26 x 2.35in balloon tyres, we switched into pleasure mode instantly.

Our time on the Delivery 3i was fun, but a bit noisy. The sprung saddle never stopped squeaking, and the long chain rattled constantly against the chainguard.

Electra's feet-forward design places the crankset down and out compared to standard bikes, While comfortable for short distances, this became hard on the knees after a few miles.

Frame: Unique retro looks with superb attention to detail

The Delivery 3i's aluminium frame strikes a dashing figure, resembling American cars from the 1950's with tail fins.

It's certainly no mean feat to tie in every painted surface to match, and the clever wooden 'advert' sign between the double top tube caught people's attention wherever we rode.

Equipment: Some quirky touches, but brakes lack power

Using Shimano's three-speed Nexus rear hub and shifter, the Delivery 3i relies on a coaster brake at the rear and roller brake at the front – something we had a hard time with due to the roller brake's weak ability to slow us down quickly, and the feet-forward design's position for rolling back on the pedals.

The wood touches – grips, front basket and rear rack slats plus advert sign – set the Delivery 3i apart from most bikes of this ilk we've seen.

We especially appreciated the retro block pedals – something we'd like to see specced on every commuter and urban bike on the market.

Additional touches like the large chrome bell and kickstand were always handy and added to the urban cruiser experience.

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