TIA (This is Australia) DVD review£19.56

Aussie-themed mountain bike docu-vid

BikeRadar score3/5

Beautifully filmed, and a nod to Clay Porter’s excellent films, this docu-video is solely about the modern day Aussie mountain biking scene and its top riders.

It’s an interesting look at the summer season down under – which is our winter season, and the off-season for the World Cup series.

To be frank, the riding in the video isn’t as exciting as we’d hoped for, but it’s a good look at the scene anyhow.

What’s not as good gravity-wise is more than made up for by some excellent filming using various filters. It’s very Top Gear.

There’s an odd night-time rave shoot in the dark at the Mount Strommo downhill track that clearly cost a lot of money to put together, a section of Sam Hill razzing round a sandy MX track with no jumps and way too much footage of Jared Graves bumming around in a slow go-kart.

Unfortunately there’s not nearly enough of him pinning it on a bike as we all like to see. However, Chris Kovarik’s scene redeems the DVD with his massive whips, mega scrubs and a big old downhill bike 360 attempt.

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