Luna Sport Graton jersey review

Unique luxurious choice

BikeRadar score4/5

Lots of companies are using wool-blend fabrics these days but the Strebtex material in Luna Sport's Graton jersey still manages to stand out. 

Named in honour of Luna Chix team rider Marla Streb, Strebtex mixes 25 percent Merino wool and five percent Lycra with 70 percent silk. 

Not surprisingly, the fabric has a light, drapey quality we don't usually associate with cycling clothing and it feels remarkably soft against the skin. 

As with many wool-blended jerseys, it wicks moisture better than one would think, doesn't retain odours and has a wider temperature range than most synthetics.

Luna give the Graton a versatile semi-form fit and understated colour-blocked pattern but the cut of the jersey is a bit long, in keeping with the trend of women's street-clothing tops. Short-waisted riders will need to fold the excess underneath.  

The Graton's cut and colour make it stylish enough to wear off the bike, where the only clue that it's a cycling jersey is a small zipped side pocket at the hem.

But the drawback there is that you can't carry anything more than a credit card and house key when you head out for a ride. Given the lightness of the fabric, heavier items would stretch the garment down over one's rear end while riding, anyway.

Perhaps the designers assumed the typical Graton wearer would be using a hydration pack, too – the Luna team riders are all mountain bikers – so road rides will simply require a loyal domestique to carry food, phone and rain jacket.

For cooler temperatures, Luna also offer the Graton in a 3/4-length sleeve version. Both are available in three colour schemes, each with its own set of co-ordinating arm warmers in the same fabric (sometimes sold as a package).

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