Nema Apeks Jersey review£35.00

Simple summer jersey

BikeRadar score4/5

The Apeks is a simple jersey that looks good and performs well. Its retro styling is attractive without being flashy.

The cut, although on the boxy side for most of our testers, is comfortable in all but the raciest of situations. A mix of polyester pique and mesh deals efficiently with temperature regulation, and the lightweight fabric plus a deep zip mean you’ll keep your cool throughout.

Nema has gone to town on the storage options: we’d be happy with one drop and one zipped pocket, but here there are two of each. There’s nothing wrong with this apart from the extra seams and zips adding unnecessary bulk.

The neck is on the low side, which fits well with the styling but offers little in the way of sun protection. There’s a white version available if you’re holidaying somewhere that gets some proper sun, too, as black fabrics absorb heat while white reflects it to keep you cool.

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