Sombrio Carve Epik jersey review£40.00

Comfy long-sleeve top

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Carve is a lightweight, long-sleeved jersey that you’ll probably want to pop a thin base layer under on cooler days. When it’s warm, though, you’ll feel the benefit of the light fabric and underarm mesh panels. If you’re spending a few days riding, friends will appreciate the pong-reducing antibacterial treatment, too.

If we were the sorts to wear silk knickers, we imagine that this is what it might feel like. The Carve feels fantastic to wear – really smooth and light, with mesh panels exactly where you need them. It has long sleveves, but due to the weight and great feel you don't get hot and bothered when riding.

The Carve is notable for being available in an XS size. It’s also the only garment we’ve ever seen with a sticker warning you to avoid getting Velcro fasteners in contact with the fabric lest they cause snags and pilling. Sure, many jerseys are prone to this, but this is the first time we’ve seen a warning about it.

Despite being light on features – it’s a crew neck with no zip, and there’s only one vertically zipped pocket on the right-hand side – the Carve is quite sophisticated in terms of cut. Sombrio call it Epik fit, with well-shaped panels achieving a relaxed but not unduly flappy jersey.

We found the cut spot-on, although we reckon that anyone blessed with love handles might want to give it a swerve. So what’s not to like? Well all that silkiness does come with a delicate payback, and this top is easy to snag.

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