Northwave Wave Lady shoes review£49.99

Multi-purpose women's shoes

BikeRadar score3.5/5

With "Bike'N'Walk" written on the side, these are clearly aimed at both activities. 

For walking, the soles are quite flexible – certainly more so than other all-purpose women’s shoes we've tested ecently – and they have a chunky tread for good grip. That said, they’re still pretty stiff when it comes to pedalling. 

The inners have comfy cushioning in the heel, while mesh uppers and plenty of ventilation holes in the sides help keep your feet cool. Fastening is with laces and a Velcro strap to keep them tidied away, but there are no reflectives. 

Try these before you buy: they came up at least half a size – if not a whole – smaller than expected, and one shoe in our test pair was slightly unfinished inside and a bit short on material, though we’ve had no problems with other Northwave shoes so it’s probably just a one-off. 

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