Scott Comp MTB shoes review£79.00

Off-road shoes with Liberace bling

BikeRadar score3/5

Our initial thoughts were that these sparkly numbers were all show and no go, but underneath the pearlescent surface there’s a good, sturdy pair of shoes.

The simple three Velcro strap closure offers a nice, tight fit and never got clogged with mud. A slim last makes them a treat for the skinny-footed rider with the ergonomic insole featuring ‘Specialized Body Geometry-alike’ bumps and lumps in the right places.

They were a joy to wear during our week-long Bike of the Year test. Some of that comfort might be down to the synergy between the insole and the ‘just stiff enough’ nylon sole.

The chunky tread is good at shedding muck, although it isn’t great on wet rock. The highly breathable uppers mean you’ll get wet feet at the first sight of a puddle, but they dry pretty quickly and despite their colour they clean up pretty well too.

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