Scott Sport Speed shoes review£59.99

Performance leisure shoes

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Scott Sport Speeds, as their name suggests, are more of a sports touring shoe. They’re styled on a road shoe, with the walkabout tread of a leisure shoe. 

Rather than using laces, the three Velcro closures are quick and secure to use; again, the accent’s definitely on road looks. 

While they’re in no way as efficient as their road counterparts, the soles themselves are a little stiffer than normal and overall the shoe is considerably lighter too, edging them into the performance end of the leisure shoe category. 

There’s minimal padding and more mesh, suiting the warmer summer months over autumnal riding. But boy are they silver: there’s no blending into the crowd here. 

We would expect touring riders would prefer something a little more incognito than these flashy affairs. 

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