Shimano R076 SPD shoe review£69.99

Simple, light and fast footwear

BikeRadar score4.5/5

For £20 less than its Shimano sibling the R086, the R076 gives you the same stiff fibreglass-reinforced and vented sole, the same foot-hugging cut and exactly the same uppers.

You don’t get such a well-padded tongue and there is no ratcheting lever with quick release on the top strap. In practice though, this means you get an excellent performing, comfortable shoe at a great price and an even lighter weight.

Three Velcro straps might look low rent, but really how much better is a ratchet buckle than a strap if the shoe is a good fit for you anyway? And just think of the whole 48g that you’re saving over the R086. 

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