661 Expert shoes review£40.00

Bargain mountain bike racing footwear

BikeRadar score4/5

These are great value race shoes and surprisingly light too. The two-strap closure isn’t as solid as three-strap fittings or buckles, but they’re still a great choice for racers on a budget.

At just 657g, these are light shoes, but that low weight comes at the expense of a few home comforts found in others. The padding isn’t as generous as some, although it’s still fairly comfy.

As you’d hope on a race shoe, the sole is solid and comes with a hard rubber tread, but this is pretty minimal and can be slippery on hard surfaces. The addition of toe studs helps in the wet, though.

Protection offered by the solid toe box is second to none. However, with only two retention straps, it was hard to get a really solid fit with the 661s, compared with the Lake MX85 or Polaris MR3000.

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