Assos F1.Uno S5 bib shorts review£117.99

Flawless bibs if you can spare the cash

BikeRadar score5/5

When it comes to presentation, Assos are the masters. These Uno bibs come boxed with a washbag (to protect the shorts when washed with other clothing) and sample size pots of both chamois cream and detergent.

This, though, is all really icing on a pretty pricey cake. Do the shorts actually live up to the promise of the professional presentation? Well, to put it simply, yes they do.

The design of the insert with its thick foam pad bonded into an elastic fabric is quite simply the most comfortable we have ever tried.

It conforms to the contours of your shape perfectly and the Spandex-derived material is extremely supportive, giving them the feel of a compression garment.

The bib braces are meshed which makes them stay in place whether they’re next to the skin or worn over a base layer.

The Unos are designed to be all-round training and racing shorts, and what Assos have managed to produce is simply the best pair of shorts we’ve used – there is nothing to fault here at all.

These have been used in all weathers and still look as good as new. If our previous experience of Assos shorts is anything to go by, we can vouch for their longevity too.

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