Castelli Vizio women's shorts review£70.47

Excellent female-fit shorts

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Castelli Vizio's eight-panel cut provides a good fit and doesn’t look like there’s a chamois nappy in your shorts at cafe stops. These excellent shorts are completed with a soft-touch front waistband which makes the lack of bib-extensions unnoticeable, and all riding positions were equally comfortable.

Castelli kit is cool, and its elite quality technological ambition and elegant fashion are all showcased in the Vizio shorts. A light and comfortable ‘affinity Lycra’ is used in an ultrashort cut style with flowery logo trim – so short that when we opened the package we wondered if they might be underwear! 

This is very European in style – where suntan lines are the bane of every cyclist and turn-ups are as commonplace as they were in the Eighties. If you do turn up the legs (almost hot-pant in style), further reflective material and the Castelli logos appear – the right way up! This attention to detail extends to the ‘YPR03’ seatpad, which is as comfortable as any over three- to four-hour rides.

They’re available only in black, and in sizes from S- L. We tested a Small pair.

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