Sugoi RS Flex Bib review£89.00

The Flex shorts feature the thickest chamois on test, so it's no surprise to find that they also come through as the most comfortable.

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The Flex shorts feature thick chamois so it's no surprise to find that they are also very comfortable.

The three-layered chamois looks more like a work of art. Its bonded construction sits flawlessly in place and is finely complemented by the Mobil Mesh spandex fabric of the short. Light and stretchy, it hardly feels like you're wearing a short. The 10 panels are cut in a complex shape to mimic the body and the dimpled surface apparently reduces air resistance. It's also extremely breathable.

The nine-inch inseams are kept firmly in place using some serious silicon leg grippers and elastic. These are neither uncomfortably strong or pull against a hairy set of legs. All in all this is a very lightweight summer short that will also sit unnoticed under a pair of winter tights.

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