Outland Clip-On Aero Bars review£44.99

Budget aero bars

BikeRadar score3/5

These aluminium bars are pretty weighty compared to many others on the market but they’re also a whole chunk cheaper, so take a look if you’re after a low-budget option.

The alloy armrest plates, which sit just above your base bar, are flat except for a lip on one edge and we occasionally found ourselves struggling to stop our forearms rolling off the side. The gel pads are comfy enough on top of those unyielding plates, though, and you can tweak fore/aft, angle and width settings easily.

The extensions head out from underneath your base bar, well below the armrests, so even though they have an S-bend we had to angle them up steeply to get an ache-free wrist position. Adjusting the extension is a faff thanks to a badly positioned bolt, but there are no worries with strength. The Outlands fit 31.8mm bars, and 25.4 or 26mm with the included shims.

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