Ritchey Interval TT Bars & Carbon Extensions review£247.00

Sleek clip-ons

BikeRadar score3/5

You buy these clip-on time trial bars in two parts; you get the mounts with the armrests (£160), and then you get the extensions separately. The carbon fibre armrest cups curve deeply so your forearms are never in any danger of slipping off and they have just a bit of give to stop dodgy road surfaces rattling your fillings.

The foam pads are small, though, so the pressure on your arms is a little higher than usual, and they’re very shallow. We never found ourselves uncomfortable, but you don’t get plush cushioning. The extensions come in straight (375mm, £87) and S-bend (340mm, £131) flavours. Go for the S-bend. The armrests clamp above your base bar and the extensions clamp below; use straight extensions and that’s a big old drop for your wrists to cope with.

Alloy-reinforced tips add strength up front for bar-end shifters and the clamps use a single Allen bolt each. Adjusting the length of extension is another one-bolt job – no probs there.

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