Gusset Slink Half Link Narrow Chain review£11.99

Cheap but excellent for fixies & singlespeeds

BikeRadar score5/5

On a fixed-wheel bike, in comparison to a standard 3/32in chain, the Slink chain feels smoother and allows much finer adjustment of chain tension. It looks good too! 

The inner chain plates are cut away, allowing them to wrap tighter around smaller sprockets (down to an eight-tooth cog). To keep weight to a minimum, each plate of the Slink is slotted – 360g for 96 links (the equivalent of around 48 standard). 

Chain half links have cranked plates that link a regular outer link to an inner. They're usually used to get the chain length right on fixies and singlespeeds, replacing one of the regular links. 

A half link chain is what it says, each link is a half-link. BMXers have been using full length half link chains for years because they’re said to be stronger. We suspect their unusual looks has more to do with it, though,

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