Atomlab Pimp Hydrotwist brakeset review£149.99

Gyro-equipped hydraulic brakes

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Atomlab have been dropping a lot of groovy products recently. These are their Pimp hydraulic brakes. They’re aimed at the dirt jump/ slopestyle market and are like an average brake but with a twist – literally. 

The new Hydrotwist is a hose detangler that works like a cable Gyro on a BMX and lets you do as many barspins or tailwhips as your heart desires without your hoses tangling up.

A hose enters the spinny ring at the top and one exits at the bottom. In between is a channel for the hydraulic fluid, which is sealed by 360-degree full-contact O-rings.

The system fits between the headset and stem and adds 25mm in stack height, so consider buying bars an inch lower then you would normally run. Make sure you have enough steerer tube too. 

The brakes are pre-bled and ready to rock, but worth double checking because our reservoir cap wiggled loose. They bed in nice and fast and have a solid feel to them, plus there’s plenty of power on tap with good modulation. 

Reach and bite point adjustability lets you tune them exactly how you want, but they aren't the best looking stoppers and the double O-ring contact seal system adds stiction to your headset. 

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