Clarks Skeletal disc brake review£80.00

Budget braking

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The £80 mark is a braking battleground and Clarks pack in more premium features than most, although power is lacking and weight is high. The radial design master cylinder is a chunky piece that accounts for a lot of the high system weight (509g).

The lever gets both leverage and reach adjusters built in and you get a braided hose to increase feedback clarity. The calliper gets an adjustable angle hose for neat fitting too. Braking feel varies between sharp but low on power in one setting and more stoppy but very spongy at the other extreme, but there is a middle ground that will suit most people.

While the rotor was  out of round from new the wobble never got any worse. It’s fitted with sintered pads to increase wear life, which delays the problem of trying to get hold of the uniquely shaped spares. That does mean that they squeal a lot though and weight is high despite the Skeletal name.

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