DMR OW fork review£119.99

Signature rigid fork

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Olly Wilkins’ new signature dirt and street fork from DMR will certainly turn some heads when you turn up at the local dirt jumps.

The disc-only OW has some pretty neat details, including artwork designed by Olly himself, and coming in at just over 1kg, it can make the bike feel far more spinnable!

The fork uses a 9mm axle, but we would have preferred a 20mm through-axle for a stiffer ride. The OW is as stiff and responsive as you’ll want it to be through dirt jumps, berms and riding street, while it stays forgiving enough that mistakes and landings don’t destroy your wrists.

The 435mm axle-to-crown height means the OW is roughly the same height as a 100mm-travel (3.9in) suspension fork, and it won’t make much difference to the head angle either – with the rake on the dropouts keeping things from being too twitchy.

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