Easton Monkeylite CNT XC Handlebars review£94.99

Wide but seriously light cross-country bars

BikeRadar score4/5

First things first, these bars are wide. Measuring in at a whopping 685mm, they’re positively man-sized! The result is that you’ll love them or hate them. 

With a minimal low rise (high rise is also available), 8 degree sweep and 4 degree upsweep the feel is bang on. Some carbon bars can feel overly harsh but the MonkeyLite’s just feel ‘right’ giving loads of stability and precision without the weight of a downhill bar.

If you’re a cross-country purist then chances are they’ll be too much for you but for bigger riders or trail bikes they’re ideal. It’s also worth bearing in mind that they can be trimmed down if you’re having problems finding exactly the right width of bar.

They’re made from Easton’s CNT composite carbon with an Enhanced Resin System which means they’re seriously light (150g). They also feature reinforced clamp areas for added security. 

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