FSA Gravity Light riser bar review£62.00

Triple-butted handlebar for a sting-free ride

BikeRadar score3/5

This shot-peened triple-butted bar is designed for downhill use and isn’t light for its span. At 711mm it’s not super-wide, but our 40mm-rise sample added plenty of hand height and easy front wheel lift. There’s a 25mm rise version if you prefer a lower front end, and this comes in an 800mm wide version if you want maximum span control.

Despite looking wider than normal, the centre and riser section leave a decent amount of space for controls. FSA have revised the shape, swinging the tips back further towards the rider, which means less twisting to get a natural feeling fit compared to previous FSA pipes we’ve used. While it’s stiff enough for sharp steering, the triple butting keeps the bar sting-free over rocky sections. Price is reasonable, although you pay another £18 for the extra wide pipe options.

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