FSA K-Wing Compact handlebar review£199.99

Short-reach carbon road bar

BikeRadar score4.5/5

The new compact version of FSA’s popular K-Wing bar has a 78mm reach (compared to the standard version’s 90mm) and 125mm drop (rather than 145mm). This shallow bend, combined with the slight upward sweep from the clamp isn’t just popular with smaller riders; the less extreme position tempted larger testers down off the hoods far more often than normal too.

 You’ll find it especially welcome towards the end of long rides, when a little less strain on your back helps keep you feeling good in the saddle. The drop is anatomically shaped rather than a smooth curve, so you get a comfortable hand position within reach of the levers, enough extension for another hold at the ends, and the flattened top section provides a great option for climbing.

There’s enough give in the carbon/Kevlar construction to damp out road vibration and stop potholes from rattling your teeth – we did back-to-back century rides over a weekend and came home without any aches in our hands or wrists. 

And there’s none of that unwelcome sloppiness when you get out of the saddle and heave on the bars. Internal cable routing and a gloss carbon 3k weave mean the K-Wing scores highly in the looks department too.

The bar is available in 40, 42 and 44cm widths, all with an oversized 31.8mm stem clamp diameter. Our 42cm bar weighed in at 219g – well within the lightweight category.

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