Crank Brothers Candy C pedals review£45.00

Eggbeater technology for trail riders

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The Candy does a good job of bringing Eggbeater technology to trail riders, even if the bearings do require regular attention. It’s a simple pedal with a small platform – just enough to add some stability when riding technical sections where you may not be clipped in.

It has steel wings and axle, plus a resin body that has four sides to the engagement mechanism. Also, you can switch the release angle from 15° to 20° by reversing the cleats.

Unfortunately, the relationship between the height of the pedal body and the engagement wings can cause problems on some clipless shoes, particularly those with deep cleat recesses. Shimming the cleat out can help, but it can be tricky to get exactly right.

The wings are also easily damaged by rock strikes, but they're great if the Eggbeater is just that little bit too delicate for you. 

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