Wellgo WPD 823 pedals review£20.00

Solid and functional SPD pedals

BikeRadar score4/5

A great choice if you want to try this 'clipless pedal' lark on the cheap, the Wellgo WPD 823’s alloy body is visually very similar to the Shimano LX pedal from a few years ago. 

The cage mechanism echoes the LX’s too, save for a matt grey finish to the steel instead of the more slippery (in a good sense) chrome steel that Shimano LX sported.

Even the cleats are almost identical to the Shimano LX’s, although not as sharply finished as the Shimano SH-51 cleats – it’s worth noting that Shimano cleats are compatible with this pedal.

All this shadowing of the (albeit defunct) Shimano model means the Wellgo WPD 823 just plain works, with solid functionality. 

There’s no fuss or nonsense, the 3mm Allen key adjusters allow fine-tuning of entry and exit release force, the pedals spin on bearings that feel totally fine, and you can service these pedals yourself without the need for special tools.

The whole Wellgo WPD 823 experience is one that is confident, even if it doesn’t set the pulse racing. 

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