Rigida Taurus 2000 rim review£18.00

Quality meets budget

BikeRadar score2.5/5

Neither heavy nor particularly light, the extruded, pinned and machined 510g Rigida Taurus 2000 rim is run-of-the-mill in all respects.

There are 32-and 36-spoke hole versions available, and all spoke eyelets are stainless steel to prolong the rim’s life.

It's drilled to accept Schrader tube valves or, using the supplied rubber grommet, high-pressure Presta-style tube valves too.

At double the price of the standard rim you can opt for a tubeless version, but it adds 85g thanks to a sealing strip.

When built, the rims feel strong and sure. That said, we did ding the rear but sorted it with a wrench and a brush over with a spoke key.

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