Charge Bucket saddle review£16.99

Saddle for fixie fashionistas

BikeRadar score3.5/5

As purveyors of fine bikes and related accessories, Charge continue to expand their devoted fan base through hip designs marked by a graphic style full of urban savvy, and underpinned by clever retro references to both cycling and popular culture.

With a shape inspired by Selle Italia’s classic Turbo, this rather comfy saddle is sure to find a place in your heart if you’ve made the transition from Schwinn Sting Rays, Orange Crates and Raleigh Choppers to BMX, and onwards to fixies.

Covered in a super-tough fabric, the Bucket feels warm and fuzzy, yet is slippery enough for frequent position shifts when charging around the mean streets of the city.

It features stout steel rails and decent padding, and the fluorescent fabric wrapped around the Bucket’s curvaceous shell could well be a bonus safety feature: when standing, the bright, contrasting colour scheme seemed to encourage overtaking drivers to give us an extra bit of space.

The padding and fabric loved hanging onto water during deluges, so expect your rear to stay damp longer than normal. It weighs 361g and comes in various eye-catching colours.

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