WTB Pure V SLT saddle review£90.00

Sturdy but not weighty

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The first thing that struck us about the Pure V isthat it is very light for its type, but although it has all the padded appearance of much bulkier models we found it surprisingly firm too. This saddle is very much suited to a seated style of riding – it has substantial support for your sit bones, with a raised back for climbing, and the deep sides provide good stability against your legs when descending.

The broad nose is to our mind the best thing about this particular model. Shaped like a beak it’s very comfortable on steep uphill sections. It always brings on a moment of faint nausea to see any sort of groove referred to as a ‘love channel’ but we’ll let that pass because well, we don’t love it much. The stitching along the edges is all too readily felt and after a short time we were done... We’re sure that there will be riders unaffected by it and not rubbed up the wrong way but you’re not going to find out until you’re some way into a ride.

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