Precision Cycling Components All Mountain Post review£150.00

Lightweight adjustable seatpost

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The neoprene gaiter that helps keep the All Mountain Post working in the grime gives it a Heath Robinson look, but that's because it's machined in-house in Precision Cycling’s own small HQ; this is no big corporation farming its production out to Taiwan.

Activation is via the remote cable which pulls on a collar located on the post, in turn releasing pressure on a small captive ball-bearing that locks into one of three holes in the post’s upper stanchion. With the ball-bearing released, the post is free to move up under sprung pressure or down under rider weight. The post is available in 3, 4 and 5in versions.

The AMP’s mechanical simplicity keeps it working on and on through the rough, and its initial stiction becomes smoother over time. During a full year of testing, the only regular maintenance needed was a spray of light lube on the mechanics under the neoprene boot.

Side-to-side slop is apparent but not noticeable when riding. The 1in drop position is a great compromise, but is tricky to locate on the fly. Lever action is good, though after several months our friction-only lever became loose and popped right off its mount. The hardware is imperial-sized, meaning metric Allen keys won’t fit.

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