Profile Fast Forward carbon seatpost review£109.99

For a go-faster position

BikeRadar score4/5

If you've ever studied a dedicated time trial bike closely, you’ll have noticed its steeper seat angles. This more forward saddle position is exactly what Profile have tried to recreate with the dramatic forward sweep on this post.

The Fast Forward increases a typical road bike’s seat-tube angle from 73 degrees up to 78 degrees. The slightly overactive handling this creates takes some getting used to, but once you’re down onto your aero bars the forward saddle position means you can achieve a full-on maximum speed position.

The 27.2mm diameter shaft has a chunky integrated head, giving plenty of support to the aluminium two-bolt clamp. Access to the thumbwheel used to tighten the rear clamp bolt wasn’t easy but it didn’t slow installation down too much.

Carbon fibre construction keeps weight low and reduces road buzz slightly, although this is a product built for speed so comfort is always an added bonus.

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