Ritchey WCS seatpost review£75.00

Well thought out, low weight, aluminium post

BikeRadar score4/5

The WCS is light for an aluminium post, but 7075 aluminium is one of the strongest grades used for seatposts so we’d have no worries about strength. We tested the layback WCS with 20mm of offset, but an inline version is available if you’re looking for a more forward saddle position.

The cradle and shaft are forged in one piece so there’s no joint to come apart. The clamp is a transverse wedge style unit, with a plastic insert that holds the clamp together when the bolt is loosened. It’s easy to use and the minimal design helps in the weight stakes.

Inside, the shaft has thicker walls fore and aft, which are common now, but Ritchey have been doing it for years. The chamfered tip to the post also saves weight.

The loads on the post inside the frame are taken by the front face, so Ritchey have cut the post at an angle to lose redundant rear-facing material. As it's so light, it has a hint more flex than some other alloy posts, but it’s a very slight difference.

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