Syncros AM 1-bolt seatpost review£60.00

Modern design with cool retro graphics

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Syncros were pioneers of lightweight mountain bike seatposts. Their original two-bolt inline post has stood the test of time, with a similar design still on sale 20 years after it was launched. The AM 1-bolt, though, uses a wedge-style clamp with a single transverse bolt.

Several other posts use a similar design, but the Syncros has one important and useful difference: a little plastic piece that holds the two sides of the clamp together so that it doesn’t all fall on the floor when you undo the bolt. Once you’ve got the saddle in the right place and snugged the bolt up, all is secure with no evidence of any slippage.

The head sits in a cradle that’s formed in a single piece with the shaft – no weak spots here. While the post is a modern design, there are a couple of nods to Syncros’s long history with the retro graphics and trademark hole in the bottom of the post – it’s meant to let you thread it onto a lock if you leave your bike unattended.

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