Thomson Masterpiece seatpost review£130.00

Fit and forget

BikeRadar score4/5

Thomson's seatposts have been the go-to choice for product savvy riders seeking the ultimate blend of adjustment, lightweight and reliability for years. Thomson meticulously test posts from each production batch, guaranteeing perfect performance.

This is their ‘premium’ Masterpiece, which is lighter by 50g (for the same length and layout) and more expensive by £50 than the standard Thomson Elite, itself impressively lithe at 241g. It's made in one piece from 7000 series alloy, with no bond or joins. 

Each Thomson shaft features an internally ovalised bore, which is designed to bend well before it breaks. Thomson call it the ‘fuse’; the result is that failure of Thomson seatposts is unheard of under normal use. Twin 4mm bolts use brass cup washers to make adjustment, even on old corroded bolts, a breeze.

We’ve been running standard Elite and Masterpiece models with both inline and layback shafts for years with zero issues and given the miles and type of riding we do that’s praise indeed.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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