Titec Duke Prolight seatpost review£44.00

No-nonsense, low glamour

BikeRadar score3/5

This 7075 alloy Duke Prolight seatpost is from Titec’s Hell Bent category, which is aimed at cross-country and all-mountain riders.

At 235g for a 350mm post, it's fine for the sort of 'light but not overly weight conscious' trail bikes that make up a large proportion of ‘normal’ riders' bikes. The post is in-line (there isn’t any rearward offset to the saddle rail cradle), so bear that in mind if you need to give your bike a little more length.

The Prolite uses a Syncros-style twin-opposed bolt head – which Titec call ‘Duke’ – and this allows for micro-adjustments to the rail position and saddle tilt. Small brass washers ensure the 4mm Allen-headed bolts turn easily, even when caked with mud.

As usual with this design, its Achilles heel quickly becomes apparent, though: the forward bolt can be a bit tricky to access, especially with some of the wider multi-tool Allen key sets. It’s worth keeping a single 4mm handy just to make life simple.

We like the laser-etched height markings, although millimetres would be more useful than centimetres. Detail quibbles aside, it’s a solid performer and it’ll keep your saddle where it’s meant to be – and not all seatposts can boast that.

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