Truvativ Noir Team seatpost review£120.00

Worth a look if you value comfort

BikeRadar score2.5/5

The Noir Team is Truvativ’s top-of-the-range seatpost, and first impressions are good. The filament-wound carbon fibre shaft is distinctive, and there’s yet another head design variation on top. Truvativ’s system is the common two-bolt micro-adjust design, but on this layback post both bolts are behind the shaft rather than one behind and one in front.

Truvativ had to put the bolts close together to keep the offset sensible, compensating for the lack of leverage by using stouter-than-normal bolts. There’s also a lot of metal in the forged aluminium head and a lot going on inside the shaft, with extra carbon added to the front and rear inside faces, and a sleeve reinforcing the tube in the area that’s most likely to be clamped.

This results in a portly weight for a high-end carbon post (280g for the 27.2x400mm version), although the inline version will be lighter. On the upside, that meaty clamp is secure and the Noir Team has more give than an aluminium post. It’s worth a look if you value comfort.

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