USE Sumo Titanium seatpost review£145.00

Great for cross-country

BikeRadar score4/5

If the Easton Haven is the post of choice for riders who value stiffness over comfort, the USE Sumo Titanium is for those for whom the ride can’t be too smooth.

Titanium is famous for its graceful flexibility and vibration dampening ability. The USE titanium shaft has both qualities in spades. Fit it in place of your alloy seatpost and you’ll feel the difference. 

It’s not suspension or a magic cure for the bump allergic, but it does allow you to relax in the saddle, to commit your weight to the seat when riding over intermediate level trail chatter.

Take our advice and buy it in the 27.2mm diameter and make the most of the added flex that you get from the narrower tube. With USE’s extensive range of nylon  shims you can make a 27.2mm post fit any frame. The shims are squeak and slip free. 

The one-bolt Sumo head can be a bit of a fiddle when setting the angle of the saddle as it  can lock down before you have got the angle dialled, but the few extra minutes is worth it for the ride.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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