Atomlab Pimplite stem review£49.99

Function reigns above form

BikeRadar score4/5

This new stem from Atomlab named the Pimplite comes in two sizes – one with a 38mm reach weighing in at 156g and another with 53mm reach, weighing a shade more at 190g. 

You can clearly see this stem is targeted at the current crop of ‘hell-bent-on-lightweight’ street/park/dirt riders. The bar clamp is in line with fashion too, being the skinny 25.4mm variety.

It’s CNC machined from 6061 grade aluminium, with all unnecessary material shaved off to get the weight to a minimum while keeping vital metal for those heavy landings.

We think this stem lacks quite a lot in the aesthetics department but it’s clearly a product where function outguns form. It comes in a choice of black, red or green satin anodised finishes so you can colour match with Atomlab’s rims, and has neat laser etched graphics with torque specification for the perfectionists out there. 

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