Truvativ Stylo T30 stem review£55.00

Good value cockpit piece

BikeRadar score4/5

At 123g the Truvativ Stylo is seriously light for a stem pitched at applications beyond cross-country racing. It’s an impressive bit of manufacturing, with lots of subtle hollowing and pocketing to shave out superfluous metal.

Up front there’s an impressively minimalist four-bolt bar clamp. There’s not much to the faceplate, to the extent that plate doesn’t seem like quite the right term – all excess material has been taken out, leaving just an H shape.

A neat touch is the engraved centreline, on the H, to help get a perfectly central bar. It’s mere aesthetics, but Truvativ’s top right/bottom left logo looks good whichever way up the stem’s mounted.

The T30 is available in six lengths, although we reckon there’s room for a 50 or 60mm option below the shortest-available 75. Despite the T30’s low weight it’s pretty stout in use, although if you’re tackling really big stuff there’s no substitute for more metal.

This article was originally published in What Mountain Bike magazine.

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