Continental Rubber Queen UST tyres review£34.95

Sorted all-mountain grip

BikeRadar score4/5

Continental list this tyre as being freeride-specific, which we think is limiting its potential somewhat. In this 2.2in width it tips the scales at just 850g, which is very light for such a voluminous tyre with a UST casing.

What’s more impressive is the way the light construction supports the tyre. Some tubeless tyres we have used with a lightweight casing fold and squirm when cornered hard, or just burp a load of air out, but not so the Rubber Queen UST – thanks to its triple-ply Apex impact protection.

This is an extra ply of material sandwiched in the casing at the tyre bead to protect against punctures. It also adds support to the tyre in that critical area.

The tread pattern is fairly widely spaced, but still rolls quickly. Despite the lack of a hefty side rail for cornering, or the softer Black Chili compound of its bigger 2.4in sister, it still manages to hold on with significant tenacity, even when it’s cranked over.

This is due to the supple casing underneath the tread allowing the tyre to mould to the shape of the ground at lower pressures,giving grip and lowering rolling resistance.

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