Geax Barro Mountain TNT 2.3 tyres review£26.95

Great summer rubber

BikeRadar score4.5/5

Geax’s Barro Mountain tyres are designed for cross-country/enduro abuse and feature a pretty open, low-profile tread pattern.

Our 2.3in versions feature the tackier 55 Shore A compound, whereas the narrower 2.1in gets a faster-rolling standard cross-country compound.

We tested the tubeless TNT versions along with Bontrager's Pit Stop fluid and were impressed with the ease of fitting and very reasonable 760g weight.

Show the Barros a flat-out dry summer trail and they’re in their element. Even the fatter profile models roll incredibly fast and cornering is assured and predictable. That tacky rubber grips extremely well on rooty climbs and gives good front-end feedback into tricky turns.

Once there’s a bit of moisture out there, however, they can become slightly more skittish. The taller ‘Rail Design’ side knobs do their best to hook up and the open pattern clears quickly, but the Barros struggle to maintain traction. The once communicative front-end becomes vague and washy, and the back really struggles to hook up.

But mud riding is not what these tyres are about and on a dry day, on a trail bike, they really are a great tyre for not a lot of money.

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