Geax Seguaro tyres review£18.00

Fast, lightweight summer tread that comes in a tubular version

BikeRadar score4/5

The Seguaro is the latest tread from Geax, designed with lightweight construction and a low profile tread.

It's designed for dry, semi-hardpack conditions and a riding style which favours straight line speed and low rolling resistance over braking and climbing power. That said, it climbs and brakes acceptably.

Tread style is small, lateral oblong blocks with a slight chevron pattern, a lot like the venerable Bontrager Revolt.

We’ve ridden the tyre in all its forms and come away very impressed. It comes in wire bead (£18) or lightweight tubeless TNT clincher casings (£33). There’s a fair weight difference, but performance is similar.

We also tested the first tubular version (£90). A tubular tyre is a self-contained inner tube in a fully sealed tyre which is glued onto a specific rim: advantages are you can’t pinch flat and they offer a greater level of comfort and feel for the ground, plus they weigh 630g, as opposed to the TNT version at 660g. 

Tubulars require specific wheels and are very expensive. Fixing a flat isn’t simple, but using tyre sealant inside the tyres – they have Presta valves with removable cores – should mean no more flats from thorns. Rips in sidewalls are more serious and will mean an expensive trip to the shop.

The grip levels are the same whichever version you choose, with the tubulars giving the most rider feedback. The Seguaro doesn’t clear mud as efficiently as some, but then this is a dry tyre.

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