Hutchinson Cobra Air Light tyres review£36.99

Fast and lightweight dry cross-country rubber

BikeRadar score4/5

Hutchinson’s new smooth-rolling Cobra tyres have been designed with input from cross-country world champion Julien Absalon. 

They’re very light, very fast, and come in Air Light or Tubeless Light versions. We tried the Air Lights and the Tubeless Lights.

Air Lights are listed at 520g, but ours tipped the scales at 30g less. Our Tubeless Lights weighed 655g. Weight weenies could use Air Lights with a liquid sealant too, as we did. 

The high speed comes from a close-spaced knob profile, but inevitably this also causes them to block fast in sticky mud. These are dry weather treads, and we were loving them on December and January’s frozen trails.

Taller, wider spaced knobs at the edge of the tread pattern don’t block and make for excellent cornering bite, but don’t expect durability miracles on rocky trails.

While the thin side walls are surprisingly tough, they’re intended for those who ride with finesse and pick lines carefully.

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