Intense 909 FRO Lite tyre review£34.95

Predictable and tacky race rubber

BikeRadar score3.5/5

Sculpted from downhill-specific sticky rubber, the 909s are designed for racing only. They have a folding bead with two-ply casing to help protect them.

The 26 x2.35in models we tested weighed in around the 1,180g mark, which is reasonable, but they can’t be used with tubeless systems which may discourage weight conscious folk.

In soft or mildly gloopy conditions the square treads dig in and rail the turns well, with good braking performance. The side treads clear quickly, making easy work of cambers and loamy turns. The inner, firmer treads reduce rolling resistance.

Things get a little dicey on harder surfaces when the tyres skate a bit before hooking up, but this is predictable and easily controlled.

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