Kenda Excavator 2.5in Dual Ply tyres review£30.99

Eric Carter-designed downhill rubber

BikeRadar score3.5/5

The open paddle tread pattern of this downhill-specific 2.5-inch tyre hooks up well in UK dirt and slop, and clears well in all but the claggiest of mud. The round profile offers a smooth transition when cornering on hard surfaces, but lacks a decent shoulder for really carving the bike on soft trails.

Designed with help from Eric Carter, the Excavator comes in several guises to suit all kinds of riding. This version has Stick-E compound rubber.

It works best as a rear tyre, because of its predictable sliding and straight-line traction. The lack of shoulder rail can cause a few cornering issues if used for steering duties.

It rolls surprisingly fast for such a big, soft tyre, and the impressive casing is thick enough to ward off most pinch flats. 

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