Kenda Kinetics Extreme Stick E 2.35in review£24.00

Well priced, grippy 'all year rounder' that does okay in winter too.

BikeRadar score4/5

Kenda produce a huge range of tyres these days, but the Kinetics Extreme is an old favourite design refreshed with the latest tyre technology.

The Kinetics uses a classic chunky all rounder block style with a vague inline arrow arrangement. They paddle okay through the softer stuff and got through 'Slurry Alley' eventually, but they slip easily if you push too hard.

The Stick E compound really helped through 'Rocky Horror' though, as did the cushioning of the fat 2.35in carcass. It was also okay through the cleaner sections of Wet Wood too, and it leans and tackles off cambers in a nice predictable way, sliding rather than spitting suddenly when it does go. It tends to clog easily on the loamy, leafy sections and once bunged up it doesn't clear that well.

Kendas are always more prone to pinch punctures than most brands, but the broad tread top and close spacing means they roll well, and you can leave them on all year. Price is good for a soft compound tyre, which offsets rapid wear.

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