KHE Premium Mac2 Dirt tyres review£39.99

Lightweight jump bike rubber

BikeRadar score3.5/5

German BMX gurus KHE’s latest tyre, the Mac2 Dirt, is a true jack-of-all-trades. The super-shallow tread pattern is deep enough to cope with hard-pack dirt while maintaining rolling speed on street.

They are super lightweight at just 640g, thanks to a Kevlar bead and paper thin rubber, and can be run up to a massive 120psi.

The reduced rotational weight and increased pressure results in an extremely fast rolling tyre with a nice predictable profile and 2.1in width.

Be warned though, the Mac2s are by no means a fully-fledged off-road tyre and will slide out easily in anything remotely resembling mud.

They do, however, rule on the street and are more than at home in a skate park, railing a BMX track or down the trails.

They’re not exactly cheap, but if you’re after a lightweight do-it-all jump bike tyre for summer, you won’t find better.

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