Maxxis Advantage 2.1in mountain bike tyre review£47.99

Ideal for aggressive trail riders

BikeRadar score4/5

We’ve Put the Advantage tyres through the grinder for a few months now and they’ve thoroughly proved their worth. We tested the 2.1in foldable dual compound LUST but there are also 2.25in and 2.4in versions. The Advantage will suit aggressive cross-country/trail riders.

They corner really well thanks to the big side knobs, which inspire fast riding, and they love getting loose in loamy flat turns. The LUST sidewalls are light and very tough and we’ve had no problems deflecting rocks or losing air running them at low pressures. The central diagonal tread makes for brilliant climbing and braking on everything except really wet rocky or rooty sections.The wide lug spacing also sheds most mud types quickly and they roll superbly. They work best as a front option paired with a slicker rear in slightly drier conditions.

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