Maxxis Aspen tyre review£31.00

The Swiss army knife of tyres

BikeRadar score4/5

The Aspen is a deceptive tyre. It's sparsely populated with delicate-looking tread, and Maxxis make no bold claims about its performance. So why do we keep finishing rides on XC or trail bikes fitted with the tyres and marvelling at their ability to hook up, clean out and roll fast?

We should point out that when we say fast, we mean faster than many other ‘pure-bred’ XC racing tyres.

It could be down to Maxxis’ good compounds, or the fact that the company listen to racers when it comes to tread patterns that roll and corner well rather than look pretty or aggressive.

It could also be the sidewalls, which are thin and light but not as delicate as on some of the other high-end XC tyres we’ve experienced.

The reality is that it’s a combination of all those elements.

Aspens do well in the heat and dust of the June trails, and are surprisingly good in the wet too.

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